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Meeting History

The EMMOS Group is a living reminder of the once thriving EMS Exhibitor - Leeds & Northrop. When Leeds & Northrop went under for the 3rd and last time, the remaining members of the L&N users group decided they had some unfinished business and that they should continue to meet as an informal group of EMMOS. This original group of individuals was quite creative and included George Yakopcic, formerly of Duquesne Light, Dave McGinnis and Hani Alerain, and now for the first time, I should say formerly of Illinois Power, and Richard Hird of TransAlta. This group was also determined to have a non-proprietary EMS.

We immediately went out and actively recruited Boeing and Westinghouse users. Since these two companies also had withdrawn from the EMS business, we soon became known as the .EMS orphans.. Fortunately, along the way we attracted a diverse group of dedicated and talented people from all parts of the EMS world.

The mission of the EMMOS Group is to promote the use of non-proprietary, multi-Exhibitor technology solutions in the Energy Management System arena.

The EMMOS Group is utility driven in order to maintain a non-commercial, educational focus. Membership and / or participation in committees is open to anyone interested in contributing to the EMMOS Group, whether they are affiliated with a utility, Exhibitor, or consultant.

This group is supported through the work of volunteers. We do not have any sponsorship and we do need as many volunteers as we can find.

The structure of the organization has moved from the informal group that started it to the incorporated, non-profit organization that we are today. The last two years have brought about significant changes for us. We incorporated in 2002 and the 2003 meeting was the first meeting that we have held as an independent and legally incorporated entity. We now have a 5 member Board of Directors, our own Bylaws and Charter, active working committees, and our own Web site. Oh, and of course, our own bank account which we will use to keep the Web site alive and current.

The activities of the EMMOS Conference provide a forum for:
  • sharing information related to the use of open systems technology and standards-based approaches in the electric utility Control Center
  • discussing technology developments in related fields
  • staying current with the activities and developments of other organizations promoting or implementing standards that relate to the Control Center
  • exploring the changing needs of the Control Center user community as it is impacted by the changing electric utility business environment
  • informally exchanging ideas among utilities, Exhibitors and consultants
  • encouraging solution providers to implement open standards

All activities other than Exhibitor demonstrations are intended to be educational, not commercial, in nature. While participation in these activities is open to qualified presenters regardless of their affiliation (whether with a utility, Exhibitor or consultant), all information shared during these sessions is strictly noncommercial.
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