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DNP3 Protocol Training

This special half day training program is designed to provide attendees with a solid technical overview of the DNP3 protocol. Students will learn about the protocol, its features, capabilities, message structure, polling options, practical uses, and benefits. The course also covers DNP Subset Definitions, DNP Conformance Testing and the DNP LAN-WAN standard.

  • History of DNP3 and its current role in SCADA
  • DNP3 advantages over other SCADA protocols
  • DNP3 features and capabilities
  • DNP3 and its relationship to various world standards organizations
  • DNP3 polling scheme options
  • DNP3 Message Structure Layer Analysis (DNP3 Serial & LAN-WAN standards)
  • DNP3 Subset Definitions and Conformance Testing
  • Characteristics of advanced DNP3 implementations

Instructor Bio
Ameen Hamdon, P. Eng., is the President of SUBNET Solutions Inc. (SUBNET), a firm specializing in substation data communications. For over a decade SUBNET has provided substation data communications software products, training sessions and system integration services to over 200 electrical utilities, and utility OEM Exhibitors worldwide.

Ameen is also the Past President of the DNP3 Users Group (1998 thru 2004), a forum for the users and implementers of the DNP3 protocol responsible for the management and evolution of the protocol.

Ameen began his career in the electric utility industry working for Alberta Power Limited, where he worked in various Generation and Transmission departments, spending the bulk of his time as a SCADA Telecontrol Engineer.

Contact Information

Ameen Hamdon, President, SUBNET Solutions Inc.
Phone: (403) 270-8885, Fax: (403) 270-9631
Email: hamdon@subnetsolutions.com

NERC Cyber Security Standards Training by Larry Bugh of ECAR

Larry will provide an overview of the proposed standards, address changes from the existing 1200 standard, clarify and answer questions about the intent of the new standards.

Instructor Bio
Larry Bugh is the Manger of Information Technology for ECAR. Larry works with the Communications Advisory Working Group, the NERC Telecommunications Working Group, and the OASIS How Working Group. Larry has management responsibility for operation of the ECAR OASIS node, and all ECAR office information systems. Larry is the member of the drafting team for NERC standards CIP-002 to CIP-009

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